Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Initial Researching Audience

Here is one of the ways we gain knowledge of our target audience. We asked people who we around 18 years old and we asked them basic questions about boy bands. We used boy bands from the 90s including the boy band we have chosen to see is they were fans of the boy band.

From this we discovered this that 12-24 does seem to fit well of our idea of our target audience. They knew the boybands from the 90s although they would only of been 8 when this song 'Gone' was released. Because of this we have decided that a secondary audience could be tweens 8-12 year olds. Another secondary audience could be an older audience. 24-45 as this age range would of been fans of the original NSYNC. Another secondary audience could be the "pink pound" this would be gay males of the same age as our target audience.

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