Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Video Final Cut

ALL-Final Digipak

Here is the final version of our Digipak. 

Inside Panels 
The inside consists of 2 panels which have a marble effect background in colour which contrasts to our front and back panels as they are in black and white. We took a picture of some flowers which we bought ourselves, from many different angles until we had the correct one, we then uploaded this image into Photoshop, I then edited it by cropping out the back ground, which left me with the flower only, I then used the eraser tool to feather out the rest of the flower I didn't want. I also decreased the opacity to around 70% to make it blend in more with the background. I then took a picture of Sophie And Charley the lead male and female from our narrative, wearing the same clothes as a scene from our narrative where they are going out for a date in a flashback, I then again cropped out parts I did not need and decreased the opacity to around 50% and placed them either side of the flowers in the middle of the panels. Finally we took pictures of the petals from the flowers, I enlarged the pictures on Photoshop, and placed one petal in each of the corners, of the panels which resulted in four petals, which meant we could then place the heads of the band members into the panels, again decreasing the opacity, and re-sizing and cropping the heads.

 Front Panel 
The front panel is an image of the band for the background on the bench in the location of Ilkley Moors, which was a location used in our music video, the pictures for the digipak were taken on shoot, when filming our performance footage. It is in black and white, as we wanted to try make it similar to our narrative being in black and white, also we wanted it to be different to the original N'SYNC digipak for ' gone '.

Back Panel 
The back panel is in the same location, however it is simply them looking towards the moors, rather than them looking at us. This is a clear link between the front and back panels, which is a typical convention of a digipak. We have included our own QR code which is a direct link to our production company blog, which is also a good feature, we have also put websites on for N'SYNC websites.

The Spine
Below is our spine for the digipak, we tried to make this simple, using the border effect we have used on our Digipak front and back panels, we have also used a confetti effect from Photoshop for the writing.