Sunday, 14 August 2011

Video Decostruction Cheryl Cole- FIght for this love

Artist: Cheryl Cole
Song: Fight for this love
Album: 3 words
Year: 2009
Director: Ray Kay
Genre: Pop/ R&B
TA: 15-34

"Fight for This Love" is a song by British recording artist Cheryl Cole, taken from her debut studio album, 3 Words. "Fight for This Love" divided music critics; some praised Cole's vocals and the powerful production, noting that it had the potential to be a hit with the clubs while other critics criticised the sluggish verses and weak vocals. - Wikipedia

1. This video was for the 1st single released from her debut album. One thing that i have picked up on is that many artists that are releasing their first single do not do a big story. Instead they do videos where they are the main focus of the video. Cheryl Cole is the same. In this video she has backing dancers but the camera is on her in every shot.

2. This video has 4 main scenes. The first has Cheryl wearing a plain white top and leopard print trousers. She wears heavy makeup. This section is filmed agaisnt a white backdrop and she has backing dancers. There are CU of her face at the begining and there are also low angle long shots of cheryl and the dancers when she is doing chroeography. The 2nd scene  is layered of an extreme CU of Cheryls lipis. Cheryl is agaisnt a black background, she wears a strip hooded dress and sunglasses. Losts of graphic appear on the seen, cheryls signature and lyric of the song appear in red and black to match what shes wearing. Most of the shots in this section are long shots to show her legs. The 3rd section is when she is wearing a black cat-suit with spikes coming out. This is a tight outfit which play to the male-gaze theory. Again grapics appear on the egdes of the frame. I think this is done just to make the video more interesting. The 4th section is when she is wearing a military outfit; red jacket, hat and tight black leggings.

3. This video is pretty standard. There isn't anything that really stands out in this video, the shots are typical of the slow melody and the big bass. The shot are mainly CU then to LS then back to close up. It does not challenge any concepts. The only thing that makes it stand out is the graphics that have been put in during editing but these can sometimes be annoying and dont really ass much to the video.

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