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Video Deconstruction- Brandy&Monica- The boy is mine

The boy is mine

Artist: Brandy and Monica
Song: The boy is mine
Year: 1998
Producer: Dallas Austin
Album: The boy is mine
Genre: R&B
Brandy and Monica- The boy is mine.
The Boy Is Mine is the second studio album by American singer Monica, released by Arista Records on July 14, 1998 in the United States. The album featured production from Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin, Rodney Jerkins, among others and featured guest appearances from Brandy.
1.  Music starts- opening shot of a bedroom. Due to this pink walls and girlies things such a fan and scarves hanging on back of door we denote a girls room. Long shot of Brandy sat in futon holding remote in bedroom. B in white top and white trousers with braided hair. Fur rug and black coffee table signifiers of a girls bedroom. Close up of old television- this gives some anchorage to age of video. A really ld film seems to be starting on TV, shoes can be seen lined in front of TV. Long shot of B from the side sat in futon, crosses legs then cut back to extreme CU of TV. Extreme CU of B’s face, half covered by flowers. Mid shot B back in chair laughing at TV.
2. CU of Monica looking into distance. Cut back to B’S face. Long shot of M sat on long black sofa, blue walls and blue curtains. The blue and pink walls show a contrast of colours which could relate to the contrast between the girls. CU M turning on her TV. Cut to shot of B’s TV. CU B’s face. Cut back to shot of her laughing to a shot of M looking very unhappy.
3. Cut between 2 shots of each girls turning over their TV in each bedroom. Long shot of B standing up with hands on head. B begins to lip-sync. Close up of her lip-syncing. Same shot of M lip-syncing. Moving between two girls lip-syncing in close up and then mid-long shot in each room.
4. CU B wearing purple material as chocker around neck- another signifier of age of video, this would not be worn today. Cut to mid shot of B sat in pink room. Wearing matching top and black trousers. Extreme long shot of B’s room 3 other girls, B singing words to them. Back to close up. Cut to M sat lip-syncing to camera in blue room. Extreme long shot M in blue room with 3 other girls. Close up then mid shot.
5. Back to mid shot of B, camera is switching between CU of B and extreme long shot of room with other girls. Camera pan through wall to find M’s room is on the other side. Extreme long shot of room then camera switches between CU and LS of M and other girls. M singing to camera.
6. Mid shot of back to man in two-tone shirt. Man is walking  down hallway of a building and passing women who are smiling at him in a flirtatious way. Cut to shot of B and man holding each other. Camera pans across them at canted angle. Cut to same shot but with M and man, camera pans canted angle. Back to  CU shot of man, walks and then turns around, checking out girls walking past. Cut back to the two shots of B and M with man- switching between the  two.

7. Man come to 2 doors with number 6 and 7. Cut to M wearing glasses looking at picture album sat on bed. Mid shot then camera turns upside down and goes through wall to B. B is in cream silk pjs walking in bedroom camera follows long shot. B climbs onto bed and camera turns 90degrees. CU of B on bed. Camera turns 90degrees again and goes back through wall to M.
8. Long shot of M walking towards camera in white pjs. M leans on wall and camera turns 180degrees and goes through wall to B. Cut between mid shot of each girl. Cross section wall with girls stood and either side lip-syncing. Close up of M followed by close up of B, then camera cuts to long shot of each then back to cross section.
9. Cross section of wall with girls stood on either side. Girls and dressed in evening wear, a gold dress and black dress. Each girls picks up phone. Cut to CU of man in black shirt, on the phone. Not sure which girl, camera begins to tilt but then goes back to girls. Cut to CU of M talking to man on phone then to same shot of B.
10. B is walks across room camera 
follows. Then camera follows M walk across room and pick something up, long shots. Shot of two doors. Both girls open doors in long shot and then throw things onto floor camera moves to CU. Both girls in same shot singing at each other- CU. Extreme CU of mans face. Mid shot of man walking towards door 6. CU of him knocking, long shot of door opening and both girls open door. Extreme close up of mans face.

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