Saturday, 13 August 2011

Video Deconstruction Drake- Marvins Room

Marvins Room
Artist: Drake
Song: Marvin's Room
Album: Take Care
Producer: Noah "40" Shebib
Genre: Hip-hop

Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986) who records under the mononym Drake, is a canadian hip-hop artist. He signed to Young Money Entertainment in 2009 and released his first album in 2010 which went platinum. Drake has won several awards, including two Juno Awards in 2010 for Best New Artist and Rad Recording of the year.

1. Opening Shot- establishing shot of NYC, this is denotede by the iconic yellow american cabs and the busy city. Camera pan along a street then a fade to black. Mid shot of a living room, a girl on the phone pacing the room but her face is out of shot. Another fade to black. Establishing shot of outside a large house, car pull up outside then fade to black. Cut back to living room. Girl in white trousers and black top sits down on white sofa, non diagetic music that is not the song begins and you can hear her talking on the phone. Loud beats being and the shot of girl flashes with the beat. It becomes clear that this is story as the lyrics reflect the video and the shots carry on from each other in a narrative.

2. Shot of drake- not a lot of light, wearing black against a black background, face is just visable. He being to lip-sync. Mid shot, high angle of Drake in a bar drinking alone. Cut back to first shot of Drake. The 1st shot of Drake and the shot of him in bar are layered on top of each other so both can be seen. Very strong bass, cuts between two shots in time of bass. Camera pans around Drake, 2 shots become layered again.

3.  Mid CU of Drake chatting up a brunette and the bar, moves to a CU. Girls walks away, camera moves to mid shot then pans. Cut back to layered shots. CU of Drake chatting up another girl in bar. Bass starts again and shots flash in time. Camera pans to girls face and then follows her walking away. Drake walks through crowd mid shot low angle. Extreme CU of womans leg with stars tatoos. Pans along her leg then long shot back to girl sat on phone.

4. Close up shot of a balloon then CU of Drake which has a very high exposure. Sequence of very quick takes of a patry scene with drake in the crowd and lots of extras. Again the shots flash in time to the bass. High angle shot of black Land Rover speeding out of shot, then cut back to f ast takes of the party. Cut to extreme close up of of yellow balloon. Then back to fast takes. Camera stops on CU of a table pilled with bottles and glasses. CU of Drake's face, camera pans in and he lip-syncs. This shot and a shot of the girl are layered together. CU of Drake walks through crowd towards camera.

5. Match on action- Drake goes to open door and then cut to him on the other side. Jump cut as Drake is walking through the party. Shot of Drake looking at mirror, camera cuts between being behind him and in front. Shot goes in and out of focus at low angle. This could be to signify he is drunk. Camera pan from looking at Drake through the mirror to CU of his face.  Camera being to pan then slows down as the music and his lip-syncing slows. The bathroom shot and a CU shot of Drake drinking for bottle on champagne, both have very high exposure. Establishing shot of NYC shown again and has flashes every second.

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