Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Video Deconstruction Cassie- Me and You

Me and You

Artist: Cassie
Song: Me and You
Album: Cassie
Year: 2006
Director: Ray Kay
Genre: Pop/ R&B
TA: 15-24 both sexes

"Me & U" is a song by American recording artist Cassie, and produced by Ryan Leslie for her eponymous debut album, Cassie (2006). It was released as the album's first single on April 25, 2006. It reached number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 2006. It remained in the top forty for nearly five months.- Wikipedia
1. Video starts with some product placement- a Nokia phone this a picture of Cassie on it. Product placement is a very common thing for artists to do as it helps them get more money for a better music video. Cassies name fades onto the centre of the screen and she begins to sing along as the track begins to play.

2. The idea for the video is that cassie is working out in a dance studio and is trying out moves whilst singing, she can't do one move but after a change of outfit she then can then do the move. Cassie lip-syncs throughout the video.

3. She wears very little in this video. A bikini top and joggers at the start, she then takes the joggers off to reveal tight leggings. This is done to appeal to the male audience (male gaze theory). Cassie caused a little controversy when this was released in 2006. A different version of the video was leaked onto the internet. One which is more raunchy and involves her and another man in a hotel room. This was said to be for a European audience but it was never put on television in England.

4. The whole video is shot in the dance studio. The majority of the shots are CU of cassies face and chest. There is also long shots of her whole body and mid shots of her rear end when she is on a table dancing. A lot of shot are taken through the mirror, this could be seen as vein but because cassie is very pretty it is seen as normal as many viewers would want to look like her. As this was Cassies first single it makes sense to just have a video with her in and no extras, not only does it cost less it also means that the public will get to know her.

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