Tuesday, 20 September 2011

MA- Pitch Class Video- Hello

We have now choosen to do Tom's pitch of Martin Solveig- Hello and now we are deciding on what we have to organise before we shoot. We have to include everyone in the video so we are each having a different role in the video;

Me: Fan and Choreographer and Ball Girl
Sam Pollock: A Tennis Player
Will Spivey: A Ball Boy and Tom's love interest
Kyle Meeson: The Umpire  
Gina Maunsell: A Tennis Player
Jess Thorne: A Fan and the Director
Ben Hudson: The Cameraman and the Director
Harry Knight:Tennis Player
Ellie Fry: A Fan
Tom Wardman: A Ball Boy and the HE who is my love interest in the music video. Tom is also dressed as a girl
Rob Shaw:Tennis player
We also have some extras being fans.
So the idea for the video is to hava doubles match. One side is going to be dressed in a more plain kit and the other team is going to be dressed in bright colours. There are going to be many shots of the match. We oing to have ball boys/girls and a umpire to make the match seem more realistic also we are going to have a love intrest for one of the players. We decided to have this a Tom in drag to make it funny.
We have a sheet of the lyrics but the video is over 4 minutes long so we have cut it down to make it easier for us to do. We ave made a very basic call sheet of what shots we are going to have. We plan to film tomorrow.

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