Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MA- Lessons taken from Class Video

We have faced a few problems when we first went to film we faced a few problems.
1. Trying to organise a group of people. Not many people were organised enough to bring their own costumes.
2. We didn't have enough time to plan everything properly.
3. We didn't have the access to the props we would of liked.
4. We didn't really have a clear leader as the person who pitched the idea couldn't step up.
This resulted in a wasted hour and meaning we had to delay filming to a later date. We also needed to make sure the nets were put up.
We then filmed the following day and this was much better. We managed to get a lot done. Everyone remembered the costumes, the nets were up, we had got a call sheet roughly done so that we knew what we needed but most importantly we had chosen two 'leaders' so that the group had some direction.
Doing the project is good because it helps us to figure out how hard it is to create a video and idea. A lesson learnt from this is that organisation is key. The next step is to upload the footage to Final Cut edit it.

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