Monday, 19 September 2011

MA- Pitching Class Video

We were all asked to pitch an idea for a music video for us to do as a class. We had 90 seconds to make our pitch. We had to pick an video that wasnt too difficult because we had limited time to organise and shoot it. It also had to include everyone.
I decided to pitch Tony Christie's 1971 hit "Is thie the way to Amarillo" another person also chose amarillo.Peter Kay did a cover of this song in 2005 for comic relief and that is the video i am pitching. My idea was too stick quite close to the video by having each person dressing in the same clothes and walking mid-shot to the camera. In the video other cast members walk into the shot as in the video and lip-syncing.
The video that got the won was Toms idea of Martin Solveig's Hello. His idea was to have  tennis match like in the video but play a doubles game instead of a singles. The involve everyone we are going to have different roles. We will decide on this next lesson.

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