Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Video Deconstruction Ciara & Justin Timerlake- Love Sex Magic

Love Sex Magic

Artist: Ciara & Justin Timberlake
Song: Love Sex and Magic
Album: Fantasy Ride
Year: 2009
Director: Diane Martel
Genre: Pop/ R&B
TA: 15-24 females mainly

"Love Sex Magic" is a song performed by American recording artist Ciara, taken from her third studio album, Fantasy Ride. Featuring fellow American recording artist Justin Timberlake, the song was written by Timberlake.- Wikipedia

1. This video starts with Ciara and JT together, its an extreme CU and parts of their faces are out of shot. It then moves to a new shot. Ciara is dressed in lingerie and there are close ups of parts of her body anad then long shorts of her and the dancers who are dressed similar to Ciara. There are alternating strobe lights. Another shot is of Ciara in a leopard cat-suit and she is behind bars. She is representing a tiger. The tight cat-suit is for the male viewers, it plays to the male- gaze theory. I have noticed how this is very common with all the bug femal R&B and popstars. They dress in a seductive way to attract a male audience, this doesnt stop a femal audience as they are fans of the music, and they way they dress it so bad that is as seen as unacceptable. This video is recent so it does have the amount of sex that is acceptable these days. This would not have been acceptable 30 years ago.

2. There are some shots that are a bit 'raunchy'. One shot of JT slapping very close to Ciara's bottom, this is followed by a CU of her bottom. There is another sequence of shots where Ciara lays on top of Justin and moves her body towards his hand. Also there is a CU shot of Ciara licking JT's ear, this behaviou definatly would not of been acceptable in later years.

3. The setting for this video is a plain lit background, then a section with Ciara in a cage and then a 2nd section of thn plain background with JT and Ciara dancing and i final section with Ciara and her backing dancers dressed in tuxedo style leotards and afro wigs.

One critic quoted "The video that accompanies this track is one of the year's best so far—and certainly the sexiest: Ciara licks Justin's ear, Justin reciprocates by slapping her bum, and, well, Ciara's flexibility would put many a poledancer to shame. Quite frankly, the whole thing could make a nun have impure thoughts".

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