Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Even though we didn't win the quiz. It was still good to learn some new facts about the music industry which will be useful when we have to create our own music video. Here are some of the things I learnt during the quiz.
Some example of music videos that have been banned for different reasons, many were too 'sexy'.
Motley Crew- girls,girls,girls
Madonna- Erotica
Madonna- Like a prayer
Madonna- Justify my love
(note how Madonna is on here more than once, honestly I just thought she was old I didn't know she did such raunchy videos in her day. I know understand why many people compare Lady Gaga to her)
Cher- If I could turn back time
Marylin Mason.
In photography, a fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in a broad, panoramic and hemispherical image.fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Hype Williams is a music director that used fisheye lens. He used it on videos for Missy Elliot- The Rain, Busta Rhymes- Gimme some more.
The quiz was a great introduction to the A2 course as we learnt things in a interesting way.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Iconic Music Vids

We were asked to note two iconic music videos in a lesson;
The Buggles- iconic video because it was the 1st video to be shown on mtv.
Michael Jackson- Thriller. More like a short film, MJ is the king of pop and this is probably his most well known single.

I dont have an example of a weak music video but i think a weak video would be one with very long takes and not a lot of shot variation. Also not a lot of varied angles as well as shot types. A black and white video could be boring but there are examples of video that are current that have been done in black and white for effect such as firestarter- the prodigy 1996 and Beyonce - single ladies (2008)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Starting A2

So we have started the A2 course. I will blog later in more detail on the task but a brief overview is to make a music video to an existing song. The song has to not have an existing video (this rules out pretty much all current songs). We also have to 2 ancillary texts which is a digipack and a magazine advert for the digi-pack.

In the first few lessons we learnt about some codes and conventions of music videos. We did this by looking at some examples of music videos, eg the couple from Albania as wel as the rap group from albania. We found that there are certain things we expect to see in a rap video such as violence, aggression, 'bling'. Another convention that is present in most videos but particularly genres that have a youth target audience is fast paced editing, this helps to keep the audience interested, this also helps with shot variety.

Another thing to mention is intertexuality. A point many music artists seem to use in their music videos, some times intertexuality can be used to pay homage to other artists they admire or it could be to make a joke at the expense of another artist. An example we looked at was Lady Gaga and her Bad Romaance video where she shows intertexual references to Madonna.

Music Videos are like mini films so in some ways they are very similar. They use the same camera shots (long, establishing, mid, and close-up) and angles (high, low, canted, POV).