Thursday, 23 February 2012

EF- Filming Update

After gaining some vital audience feedback from a 1.00 minute sample we put together for our class to view, we realised we had some changed to make especially to the performance as one of our original members did not appear to take the filming seriously and let the rest of our members down for the boy band this then effectively ruined the whole of the performance we filmed for our music video.

Some people also said we could have done with some more movement and emotion from our boy band members due to the nature of our song being a love song about a break up, the emotion just wasn't shown there. We were also told we could need more behind the scenes footage for our whole music video, but mainly performance.

We were also told that we could make our boy band look more together and as one, rather than separate like they were looking in our original sample. To do this we could increase the costume demand we place on them and insist the wear the same clothes, and also we need more costume changes and maybe more locations.

This has obviously resulted in us having to re-film our performance which we are hoping to do on friday this week.

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