Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ALL- Signifiers in still image from music video

Signifiers in this pictures include :

  • The hair style, long styled into a slight quiff could signify him being from a upper/middle class, and that he is of a sophisticated manner. 
  • The direction of his eyes, his gaze out of the frame, not looking directly at the camera, could signify he is looking or longing for someone else from the distance, this is the preferred reading we have hoped to give across to the audience. 
  • The Misc-en-scene of the location being a  rural area, surrounding him could signify loneliness. However the metal railings could give of an oppositional reading, as the railings are maybe hinting a footpath, which shows there will be people walking through this area. 
  • The white top, could signify purity and innocence, also the white pale complexion could help signify this more, with the rosy cheeks. 
  • Also the white v neck top is open a little bit at the top, maybe signifying sexual connotations. 

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