Tuesday, 14 February 2012

MA- Digipak Ideas

Digipak Ideas

We have been thinking of some possible ideas for our digipak.
One idea is for the outer panels. We have been looking at some if the digipaks from last year and   have found that one common convention is to have the back panel showing the reverse image of the front image. For example our idea is to have a picture of the 4 boys stood in the moor background and to have the same picture of the boys backs on the moors. 

This is an example of Linkin Parks digipak which shows the front and back pictures being in relation. 

We like the idea of having water in our shot as the performance part of our video is partly shot at a river. We were thinking about possibly taking the pictures from the reflection of the water but we need to test out this idea first to see if it works. 
we have has some idea for what to do for the inside panels. We want to make it different from the outside panels and we also want to use some effect on it. We were thinking of maybe using some pictures from the narrative side of the video and super-imposing the boy band into the picture. We need to play around and see what works.

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