Wednesday, 8 February 2012

EF- Contacting Record Label

In order for us to use our song for our coursework, we were asked to research into the record company and either ring or email the company asking permission to use their song. 
Our song is Gone by N'sync, and when the song for released and the video produced the band were under the record label of RCA Records which ultimately is owned by the big record label Sony Music. 

When try to find the contact details on the site me and Mel both struggled to find a contact email, and UK Number to ring so we decided to ask for permission via the feedback website for RCA Records leaving our emails, we hope they will get back to us. 

Unfortuanatly what we sent will not show in the box below when published on Blogger, however this is the image below showing how we contacted the record company. 

When Contacting the Company we sent this : 

Hello I understand this is the feedback centre however me and my partner Melodie Abraham have been struggling to find a contact email for RCA Records. We are both 6th form students at Ilkley Grammar School in England and  We would like to ask permission to use a song produced under their record label it is called Gone By N'sync, as we would like to re-create the video for our school media coursework. And we wondered if this was possible? please reply to or Thankyou 

Yours Sincerely 
Ellie Fry and Melodie Abraham 
Ilkey Grammar School
West Yorkshire 
United Kingdom 

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