Thursday, 16 February 2012

ALL- Audience Feedback of Sample

Audience Feeback

We put together a opening sequence for our music vid during last week which lasted approximately a minuet and will be uploaded very shortly. 
Below is our audience feedback : 

  • Members of our class said we had zero camera movement so this could be improved in our re-shoot of performance
  • We need to re-rip MP3 and re-lay audio track 
  • We could start with a group shot and then individually introduce members of the band.
  • For our mirror shot for the narrative, we could maybe play around with layering. 
  • Opening scene is maybe a bit to long for the narrative so cut this down a little bit.
  • Overall we need faster paced editing, maybe some jump cuts.
  • Bed shot - Multilayering and fade Sophie out.
  • Additional behind the scenes footage of the band. 
  • Costumes more together, more white colours - white t-shirts etc, bringing the group together more by having them wear the similar things
  • Simple Choreography for the boyband.
  • Dont introduce boyband straight away.
  • Dont need all of the shots of the main boy in narrative.
  • More signifiers of relationship needed for the narrative in misc-en-scene.
  • For the narrative we could have Car Keys - bottle of drink to signify guilt maybe? 
  • Ducks and bread for a romantic scene in narrative.
  • Do want some skin showing, not just buttoned up.
Over all we have taken this feedback into consideration and are organising a re-shoot.

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