Monday, 11 July 2011

Prep for Media Day

Many things need to be organised before Media Day on tuesday or the day will not be a success.
Costumes- I am in charge of finding the white trackies and pick crop top for Britney to wear in the carpark section. Also I am bringing in 2 basketball jerseys and shorts for some extras to wear in the dancing shots.
Car- Our 1st choice is a convertable because one is used in the real video but we also have a backup which is not a convertable, this is good because it shows we are organised and are planning if things dont go according to plan.
Lip-syncing- We are hopefully going to be great at lip-syncing but we are going to practise in the morning.
Choreography- We are going to simplify the dance moves so that people can pick it up easy as we dont have enough time to teach everyone.
Fingers crossed everything goes well :)

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