Saturday, 9 July 2011

Coursework Task

The Task
The task is to create a music video for an existing song released over 10 years ago and two ancillary products to create a package.
The two ancillary products we are creating are; a digipak and a magazine advert. 

Digipak definition: Digipacks are a type of CD packaging made out of card stock or other heavy paper/cardboard material. Digipacks can flip open like a book, or it can have three parts, so that one portion of the packaging opens to the right and one to the left, with the CD in the center portion. Usually, the portion of the digipack that hold the CD is made of plastic like a traditional jewel case CD - the plastic part is simply attached to the paper background. []

This is broken down into three areas:
Research and Planning: 20%
The Products: 60%- This is broken down further; Video:40%, Digipak and Advert:10% each.
Evaluation: 20%

Mark scheme
All three aspects are assessed as one of
  • Minimal:     0-14       0-7        0-3
  • Basic:        15-23     8-11      4-6
  • Proficient:  24-31    12-15    7-8
  • Excellent:   32-40    16-20    9-10
Total mark out of   40          20        10

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