Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Media Day- Britney Spears- Hit me baby one more time

Tues 12th July. Normal lessons were suspended for the media students and we were assigned into groups and each group was given a different section of the video to remake. My group was the car park group and it when had from 1:24 to 2:20 to shoot.
We had to first watch the video and deconstruct each shot and make a note of the camera movement, lyric, mise-en-scene and the costumes of the extras. Then we had to produce a call sheet and note the close-ups and what order we were going to film the shots. Then came planning the costumes and different props we would need such as the wig and a car to use. We had to decide what roles people were going to take, Roam- cinematographer, Rob- director, Asa- PM and Vod-cast, Kyle- producer and Myself- Choreographer it was also my job to bring the basketball outfits for the extras and britneys costume.

The day consisted of us starting with practice of lip-syncing and then going through a little if the choreography. Then we began doing a small piece for the vod-cast. After break we met up with the other group and discussed when we would be needing each other as extras and discussed if where we would be shooting. We began filming period 4 outside the main entrance. At lunch time i went to get some additional shots of a gymnist because i thought it would make our section look more like the real video. Some of our group were extras in the corridoor scenes then we went to film our carpark section as it looked like it may rain. One of the main difficulties was time and choreography, we only had an hour to shoot which meant that we didnt have time to look back an see if we got the shot we wanted. Also only having an hour to practise the dancing meant some people didnt get the steps down like i would of liked.
The car we originally wanted to use was a convertable but last minute changes meant we were unable to so we had to use our backup. Throughout the day Asa filmed footage for the Vodcast.

After we filmed we all went back to reflect on the day upload the footage and do a blog post. I feel the main problems were time and the amount of rehersal time we had. We were being rushed when it wasnt really nesseccary, and because of this we didnt use the costumes to their full ability. Also 2 members of our didnt turn up so we had added presure of having to do more things. Hopefully the end result is good when it is edited.

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