Sunday, 10 July 2011

Albainan Videos

In one lesson we were shown some music videos from Albania- This lesson was on codes and conventions on music videos. The 1st video we were shown was this one below. This video is not a typical music video as it doesnt follow some of the general conventions such as short takes and shot variation but it also does have an attractive woman and cross cutting which are two codes that are common in videos.
Another video we were shown was to look at how mass media can influence culters around the world. This video has taken on some codes from hip-hop culture such as the blig, lots of tatoos, being muscular and the use of guns.
The 3rd video shown was also to show how other cultures take on western ideas. These rappers live in NYC they have adapted their sound and if you didnt know you wouldnt think they were from Albania. It shows how countries like the US take over smaller countries.

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