Friday, 1 July 2011

Creating a mini-vid: Madness- one step beyond

My group was Harry, Asa, Kyle and Emily. We were given a choice of 3 songs and we chose Madness- One step beyond. Our task was to come up with at least a 30 second clip of an idea for the video. This task is to give us a chance to use the HD cameras but also so have a practise at coming up with an idea, planning and developing the idea, shooting it and then editing it.

Our idea was to focus on one man/boy who was outside in a city or town and an incident to occur with another person (male or female) and then this person begins chasing them. This then starts of a chain and then other people being joining in the chase. We also wanted to have cut away shot to different people tapping in time to the music. The idea was to be in black and white to give it an old feel a member of our group came up with a good comparison to Charlie Chaplin who was an old slapstick comedian.

We decided we want to use Ilkley town as our location as it is where most of our group live. Also Ilkley to is busy on a weekend which is when the group plans to film. We are hoping to use our cast members and then hopefully get some extras to film.

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