Saturday, 8 October 2011

MA- Pitch- Coursework

I did my pitch on a my coursework idea. I chose to do a powerpoint to go with my pitch so that there was something for the class to look at. 
My idea was Alicia Keys- Fallin.
A brief overview of my idea was to have a couple who are going through a heated relationship. 

My reason for choosing this song was firstly I like the song a lot but also the song did very well in the charts when it was first released in 2001.  Alicia Key won Best Song,  Best R&B Vocal Performance and Song of the Year for 'Fallin'. 
The song is 3:28 and the lyrics are quite short. The lyrics work really well with my idea. The lyrics are clearly about love; the first line of the song is 'I keep on fallin and out of love with you'. This is what gave me the idea to do a dysfunctional relationship. 
The idea is to show the couple arguing and making up and to have a accident happen at the end. I was to finish with the man an woman having a big fight and  then to have the man shaking the woman and her falling fown the stairs. This is a good way to end as it uses narrative enigma- you don't know if she's dead or not. But also it clearly ties into the title on the song being 'Fallin'.  I want to show the bad side to love and how a loving relationship may not always be 'loving'.

Shot Types:

Beginning: Start with CU of couple clearly showing they are in love. Mid-shots and LS of the couple holding hands walking in the park and being sat on the sofa watching telly.
Middle: Shots of couple arguing in their house. Both shouting at each other. The woman walks out and there are shots of her in their bedroom. Shortly after the man walks in and you see him asking for forgiveness. They then make up and repeat shots of them being loving towards each other.
End: They have another argument which takes place at the top of the stairs where she throws picture frame. CU on broken glass. The man then starts shaking her. Finishing with a shot of the woman at the bottom of the stairs- LS then fade to black.

Mise-en-scene and Location:
I plan to use the location of Ilkley for the outside shots of the couple being happy, places such as the town centre of Brooke Street and also Ilkley park as i think this could be good for getting shot variation. For this inside shots i want to use a living room and bedroom and the stairs for the last shots.

Possible Problems:
There are obvious problems i could face with this idea, these are the same for almost all coursework. 
  1.    The first problem would be cast- with this idea i only need 2 main actors to play the by and the girl. I would be wanting some extras for the outside shots but i could try to use as many of the people who are there.
  2.    The weather could be a big problem, as its winter its likely to rain and that would affect us being able to film the outside shots.
  3.    As the TA for this would be 15-24 the worry is that the video might get a bit boring as there are not performance to break it up. If i feel this may make a significant decrease in my grade i may put performance shots in. This would be one female lip-syncing. I would have her in the shots for example have her sat on a bench in the park etc.


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