Wednesday, 5 October 2011

MA- Deconstructing and Comparing Pro Green

Artist: Professor Green ft Emeli Sande
Song: Read all about it
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop/Rap
TA: 15-24

This video features both performance and narrative. It is mainly narrative but has a few perforamce shots of both Pro Green and Emeli. There are a lot of different shot types and there is a lot of shot variation. When we compare this to the Sean Kingston video you can see how this one aspect makes such a difference when looking for a good video.

Other shot types used we close-up of both vocalists as well as many long shots. The location of the narrative parts of the video is shot in a house and its back garden. The narrative is a meant to be Professor Green when he is a young boy. The lyrics do tie into the video he talks about no being able to see his father and how he resents his mother and in the video he gets shouted at by a man.

Outside location
The location for the performance parts are in a very large aircraft hanger as well as a tunnel and a large outside area. Having access to these areas and the house is what makes me think the budget for this video is very high. This is something that we may not be able to achieve in our own videos.

Ligth is used in the video for framing and to creat shadow. A lot of the performance parts are filmed at night so the light shows up and looks good. Lense flare is also used with the lgiths directly behind the artist.

Overall this video seems a lot better than the Sean Kingston video as it used many more of the traditional conventions of a music video.

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