Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Coursework idea- Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys- Fallin Idea

Another idea i have been looking at is the artist Alicia Keys. She is an R&B artist from Manhattan New York whos career was classical based. Her first single fallin was at number 1 for six weeks.

The song fallin is Alicia singing about a man she loves. The lyrics show the relationships is on and off. She says 'Sometimes i love ya, sometimes you make me blue'. This signifies disfunctional relationship. In the original video Alicia starts playing the piano (showing her classical background) and then the video shows her relationship with a man who ends up in jail and she doesnt know wether to stick by him or not.

My idea is to a narrative video. I will show a couple. I will show them being cute and in love and i will then show them arguing and fighting. I could possibly end with the man walking out or the man hitting the woman and they might not know if shes dead or alive.
I would also have some narrative for shot variaition. I would need to use a house which would be owned by the couple and then I would also use locations such as the highstreet and the park.

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