Saturday, 1 October 2011

Coursework Idea- Destiny's Child

Initial Ideas

We need to pitch our coursework idea. It has to be over 10 years old or not have a video. We are also looking for a video that is no longer then 4 minutes because after that it becomes very long to soot and edit. So there is a very large amount of choice. Which i think is why im finding it hard to come up with an idea.

A group i have been looking at is Destiny's Child. They have released 4 studio albums before 2001; 
1998: Destiny's Child
1999: The Writing on the Wall
2001: 8 Days of Christmas

The album i have been looking at is Survivor, it has many possible tracks and i now just need to pick one that i think will make good coursework.
I am pretty sure that the genre i want to do is R/B or Pop. Many artists these days are taking influences from both genres. I want to do this genre mainly because it is the genre i as interersted in and i am familiar with a lot of the artists. So i should already have a little knowledge of the conventions ect.

A brief outline of the Destiny's Child video is that the 3 women are stranded on an island, they start out washed up on the shore. They are trying to find their way out. They show the ladies in a life raft, their also is a dance scene and it ends up with a helicopter flying over head.
For obvious reason I wouldnt be able to fly to a private island to film my video.

I know that i would want to have 3 young females to play the 3 members of destiny's child. I would also want them to all be of a similar age. I would want to combine both narrative and performance to keep interest of the audience. As the song is about moving on when a relationship is over i would want to have each girl with showing their relationship with a man. It could all possibly be the same man or not. Then show how the relationship broke down and how they have moved on.

I would use 3 separate houses accompanied by some outside locations. I would also have the ladies in different outfits for the performance to give it some variety.

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