Friday, 7 October 2011

MA- Deconstructing and Comparing Sean Kingston

We spent one lesson looking at 2 music videos from current artists. Sean Kingston and Professor Green we looked at the different aspects of there videos.

Artist: Sean Kingston
Song: Party All Night (Sleep All Day)
Genre: Pop
Year: 2010
TA: 15-24

Sean Kingston  was born in 1990 he is a Jamaican American R&B Pop singer. He began his music career in 2007 with his debut album titled after his own name like many first albums " Sean Kingston". Then in 2009 he released his album " Tomorrow" which featured hits " Face Drop" and "Fire Burning". Kingston is still working on his third album which features "Party All Night" which was released in the USA on December the 21st 2010- Wiki

Shots- This video is typical of the pop genre. The majority of the shots in this were medium close ups and mis-shots. One of the main things we noticed was that there was very little shot variation in this video. There is a little more variation in the party scenes, but not much. When thinking of our own coursework we want to have as much shot variation as possible to get good marks. 

Effects- As you can see from the group of pictures on the left a glow effect has been put over the video. This is done so that something different is going on as the poor shot variation make the video a little dull. A similar thing could be done using the software we have on the macs.

Another effect you can see a example of the layering in this video. Another aspect to keep interest in the video. This is done on FinalCut and it is likely I will use this effect in my own product.

One of the reasons for this lack in shot variation could be due to Sean's size. He is a reather large man and this could be why the director decided to stick to mostly mid shots.

One other effect used in this video is the use of 3d type effect. This is used to keep interest with the TA (15-24). This as well as they layering are needed to keep the video interesting.

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