Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gone Second Life: Cyberspace Impact

There have been a few covers of Nsync's song 'Gone'. It is important to note that not all have been done by boybands some have been done by female soloists. Showing that there is a big fan base for Nsync. 

One cover I found with a high viewing figure was by a young male. He has 245,740 hits.

This next cover is done by a girl called Joanna. Her video has 479 views.

I also found a few different videos produced by fans which were interesting to watch. As they we trying to re-create the original video which is different to what we are doing.

This video has 195,619 hits and shows a group of boys taking a more comical play on the video.

This next one shows a more serious video done by one young male. It has 11,000 hits.
This shows how popular Nsync were and still are, and although it doesn't really help to give us ideas for our video it it helpful to show us the standard of other re-make videos and helpful when looking at effect and transitions.

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