Thursday, 17 November 2011

MA- Intro to Digipak

Today we looked at digipaks. We started of by thinking what could be in a digipaks and we then went on to looking at examples of existing digipaks. We then went onto making a list of the main things that are included in a digipak. This will be useful for when we are designing our own digipak.

How a digipack differs from a CD.

  • Made out of card
  • 2 trays
  • Sleeves
  • 4 basic panels
The front cover of the digipaks can contain;
  • Artist shot
  • Name and Album name
  • Sticker showing DVD bonus
  • Sticker showing leading singles contained
Back Cover;
  • Track listings and timings
  • Bar code
  • QR Code
  • Website URL
  • Logos eg production and record company
The advantages of a Digipak;
  • Recyclable as its made from card
  • Lower in weight so reduces distribution
  • Thinner cases- can fit more on the shelve
  • Some resemblance to a LP
  • More collectible than a jewel case
Other features;
  • Spine- small details such as catalogue number
  • Inside design
  • Removable lyrics sheet.

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