Thursday, 15 March 2012

Eval 3

What have you learnt from audience feedback?

N'sync were an American boy band who were formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995. The group consisted of 5 male members  JC Chasez,Justin TimberlakeLance BassJoey Fatone, & Chris Kirkpatrick. They split in 2002. At this time they had fans ranging from 10-30 but their primary target audience is 15-24 females. Currently the age of the band members range from 31-40. A secondary audience would be people ranging from 25-34 as they would ave been that primary target audience at the time of the song. Another secondary audience could be a gay male audience as they boy band is relatively attractive so appeal to a male audience.

We gathered our feedback in numerous ways;

  1. Interviewing our class after watching the video- this was very helpful as unlike when we got feedback from other students the media students could give us feedback that they knew would be achievable as we are all working with he same equipment and have the same budget.
  2. Feedback from our media teacher- this we found the most helpful as he knew has a deep knowledge of music videos and what looks good and able to give us really detailed feedback rather than 'it was good'
  3. Posting on youtube and getting comments- this was good as we could get people not exclusively from Ilkley Grammar to give their views.
  4. We also used sites such as facebook for feedback on our digipak pictures. 
For our magazine advert we simply asked people and wrote down their feedback. 

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