Thursday, 15 March 2012

MA- Draft Evaluation 2

How effective is the combination of your main media product and ancillary texts? 

Our brief was to create a promotion package for the release of an album, including a music promo video, together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak and a magazine advertisement for the digipak.
It is important to note that in many cases not all digipaks and magazine adverts directly link to just one music video. This is because a digipak has many songs on it and therefore has to link to them all and the magazine advert is there to promote the digipak so also will not just tie into one specific video. 
Although this is slightly different for us as we have only created one video and used the shots taken separately for our digipak. Also some digipak/albums have more then one video for the same song an example of this would be U2. 
Another reason for why all 3 texts are more tightly linked would be that in real life example the artwork or shoots for the digipak and magazine advert would be out sourced to separate advertising companies.

A real example of a company that would produce our music video would be.                                                                                                   

In our own work we have some aspects that tie them together;

  • The locations used in the mag and digipak are the same as the video
  • Titles of Digipak and Mag Ad link together - "New Generation" 
  • Same front in mag ad and digipak
  • Layering is used in digipak and video
  • Boy band present in all 3 texts
  • The boyband wearing the same clothes in all 3 texts
  • Digipak is in black and white, where as the mag ad will be in colour 
  • The narrative is not included in the mag ad
  • Style of the font used for digipak and mag ad are not the same 
  • Black font colour on the Digipak and White on the mad ad
  • some of the locations are different 

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